Thresher and Campanile celebrate 100 years with awards

The Rice Thresher and Campanile celebrated their 100th years by garnering numerous first place awards on the national and state level.

The Thresher placed first place in College Media Association’s Apple Awards presented at the Spring National College Media Convention in March. The editor in chief was Andrew Ta. Additionally, The Thresher won the overall excellence award at the Texas Intercollegiate Press Awards presented in early April. The student-run newspaper received a total of 20 awards in the annual contest.

For the fourth year in a row, the Campanile won the sweepstakes award for yearbook in the Texas Intercollegiate Press Awards presented in early April. The award was granted based on total points earned in the other categories of the annual contest.

In addition to the sweepstakes award, Campanile won first place Overall Excellence and nine other first place categories alone. The yearbook won 20 awards in the contest this year.

The 2015 book was the 100th edition of the Campanile, and featured a padded cover, gilded edges and a placeholder ribbon. Additionally, every copy came in a clamshell box. The theme was Confessions and the editor in chief was Anastasia Bolshakov. Additionally the 2015 Campanile placed eighth in the Associated Collegiate Press’s Best of Show awarded at the Fall National College Media Convention.

Thresher TIPA Awards

In-Depth Reporting
2nd place: Yasna Haghdoost
Critical Review
2nd place: Canon Lewis
Feature Page Design
First place: Samantha Ding
Sports Page Design
Third place: Sarah Nyquist
Feature Story
Third place: Lenna Mendoza
Feature Photo
Third place: Vidya Ghiri
First place: Staff
Information Graphic
2nd place: Justin Park
General Column
2nd place: Bridget Schilling
News Feature Story
First place: Elena Margosis
Special Edition/Section
2nd place: Staff
Third place: Staff
News Photo
Honorable Mention: Anastasia Bolshakov
Sports Column
First place: Jeremy Reiskind
Honorable Mention: Evan Neustater
Sports Action Photo
2nd place: Sean Chu
Page One Design
Third place: Justin Park
Two Honorable Mentions: Staff
Overall Excellence
First place: The Rice Thresher

Campanile TIPA Awards

Academic Photo

Third place: Anastasia Bolshakov


First place: Staff

Cover Design

First place: Anastasia Bolshakov


2nd place: Anastasia Bolshakov

Feature Photo

2nd place: Rahul Kothari

Sports Action Photo

First place: Anastasia Bolshakov

Sports Feature Photo

First place: Janet Ni


First place: Anastasia Bolshakov

Academics Copy

First place: Staff

Feature/Student Life

First place: Anastasia Bolshakov
2nd place: Anastasia Bolshakov

Organizations Copy

First place: Staff

People Spread w/Mugshots

2nd place: Anastasia Bolshakov

Photo Story

Third place: Anastasia Bolshakov


First place: Zoe Wu

Sports Copy

First place: Zoe Wu
2nd place: Zoe Wu

Student Life Copy

First place: Staff
2nd place: Staff

Overall Excellence

First place: Staff